Major US Groundwater Reserves
And Aquifers Are Nearly Dry

by Kerrigan Twinrock

One of the PRIMARY ecosystems which is, according to the suppressed Vital Global Resources and Eco-Systems report, at or OVER the brink of complete, breakdown/failure worldwide is that which maintains/replenishes fresh, clean drinkable groundwater in quantities sufficient to sustain the planet's higher life forms at or near present numbers.

MANY, many of this planet's LARGEST aquifers and (naturally-occurring) groundwater reservoirs are said to be at unprecedented, critically depleted levels and literally right on the verge of disappearing completely! INCLUDED in this category are certain aquifers which supply water to some of this planet's MAJOR population centers.

Although a source with NOAA has apprised us of some of these locations, we have refrained from publishing this information on their request.

How-EVER, Top View HAS previously published/forwarded other articles about this particularly urgent example of vital eco-system breakdown LONG before information regarding the Vital Global Resources/Eco-Systems report ever reached us. Revealed in some of this information was the fact that certain regions of North America are NOW experiencing critical water supply shortfalls. Among these areas are: the Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, and MUCH -- if not ALL -- of Florida and adjacent regions in the Southeast.

One PRIME example of this world-wide problem is the annihilation of groundwater reserves in Florida, which we published articles on over a month ago.

Specifically pointed out in this material was the fact that rampant, rapacious and utterly insupportable over-development across the sunshine state, fueled by outrageously abusive, exploitative land-use guidelines and regulations rammed through state and local government agencies by rabid, greed-crazed pollutocrats in many cases represented by the Republican Party and one JEB BUSH, was certainly one of the prime causes of the severe depletion of clean groundwater throughout Florida. (Original article reprinted below.)

How-EVER, the other PRIME cause of the rapid DISAPPEARANCE of drinkable water throughout Florida is DROUGHT, plain and simple.


Sound familiar? It sounds to us a lot like what's been going on in the Pacific Northwest for THREE years now; in which what overwhelming evidence shows is an ARTIFICIAL, intentionally-induced drought -- brought about by such technologies as HAARP, ELF/ULF transmitters and chem-trails -- has been wreaking devastating consequences on a huge section of North America. This region as well has seen a dramatic, steep rise in (human!) population in the past 15 or so years.

Vast areas of the United States -- what's known as the "sun-belt" -- have become drastically more populated in recent years. What's seems more and more clear is that a massive sucker punch/set-up, engendered by Orwellian/Malthusian/Machiavellian 4th Reich social engineers, has manipulated VAST numbers of Americans (AND others) to move into these "sun-belt' areas, encouraged by JUST such development policies as those in Florida. And NOW that an ever-growing percentage of the population LIVES in these areas, demonic NWO/FedGov/4th Reich forces are apparently directing their most powerful, advanced technologies like HAARP on these areas to literally TURN OFF THE TAP, turn up the heat and let it all BURN.

Clearly malevolent, anti-life, genocidal agendas of the most atrocious sort underlie such monumental, un-Godly madness. __

First published: 2-20-01

Rampant, greed-fueled over-development turns Fla into inferno/desert wasteland -- BushMobster Jeb at helm as entire eco-system disintegrates

Massive overdrawing of water resources a DIRECT cause of current wildfires; conditions due to get MUCH worse in near future

Sheer unbridled and unfettered greed, as manifested in the extraordinarily excessive, abusive and egregious overtaxing of Florida's natural resources engendered by a near-unimaginable level of land development with absolutely NO regard for the condition of said resources, has at this point apparently IRREVERSIBLY and irreparably damaged the ecosystem of the Florida peninsula.

The state is now in its FOURTH YEAR of a severe drought with absolutely no change in these conditions foreseen by experts.

And yet, rampant industrial, corporate and residential real estate development along with power plant and road construction -- STRONGLY encouraged, aided and abetted by governorship of BushMobster Jeb Bush to benefit his plutocrat buddies heading the multinational corporations which ultimately profit from this vicious exploitation -- goes on across the state day and night, 365/24/7; as if there were unlimited water and other resources to draw upon from now until eternity.

There are NO such unlimited water resources, and the VERY LIMITED resources that do exist have been drastically drawn down to the absolute BOTTOM.

At this time, the state of Florida does NOT have sufficient water for the needs of its inhabitants (human and non), and the numerous wildfires raging around the bone-dry state are turning the air into an unbreathable, hellish murk which is causing SERIOUS health problems for many Florida residents.

As well, Florida's agricultural sector is being literally destroyed piecemeal through speculative real estate shenanigans as well as the annihilation of the water resources.

Its hard to even believe that this has happened to region where rain showers used to occur on an almost daily basis, through much of the year. It appears as though the brutalization and devastation of the state, TREMENDOUSLY stepped-up under the GOP administration of global gangster Jeb Bush, will go on until every last cent of greed-driven profits can be wrung from the region, every last penny bilked from its beleaguered (non-corporate) residents, and the entire state goes up in flames -- rendered as uninhabitable and as UTTERLY BEREFT of life and rainfall as the Sahara Desert.



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